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E.M. MacCallum

“If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse.”


Why I Write? 


I remember the precise moment I decided to be a writer. I was eight years old and I wrote a 100 page story. It consisted of one sentence and a picture per page but the challenge was there. The story ended up being beyond my expectations, and was never published due to a formatting/numbering error which was solely my fault.


After that I'd read Ann Hodgman's "My Babysitter is a Vampire". I loved it so much I wrote my own version (with illustrations. Fancy, right?), then I bound it in duct tape (extra fancy) and presented it to my closest three friends. It was at this point that I started making up my own stories with my own characters, plots, and weirdness. My grandma is quoted asking, "what kind of kid wants a Baby Name Book and file folders for her birthday?" This was likely because I kept skidding, with desperatation, into the living room to ask, "what kind of name would be good in this era. for a female/male/kid etc. in this ridiculous situation?"  (I will note that my parents were a patient 20-something pair. We didn't have PVR in those days and they'd answer me every time, even when I rejected their suggestions and wanted more during their shows.)


One rainy evening, after a long day of  playing in the lake, my cousins wanted to know what I was writing in my scribbler. So, I read the start of my story, "Seventh Child".  It was upon seeing the hopeful glances, and hearing their suggestions, that I realized I was hooked on storytelling. From that moment I strove to only get better. It hasn't been easy, but it's overwhelmingly rewarding. 


Where I'm Hiding:

I've always lived in Alberta, Canada, but right now I live in a small northern town  with my awesome husband, a sucky Akita/Lab & a pair of deviously affectionate cats.


Fun Facts:

I love Disney, video game, stories, sharks, the ocean in general, Halloween, drawing, reading, puns, bookstores, horror movies, and anything gothic. I'm fiercely loyal, honest, and have learned that actions will always speak louder than words.

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© E.M. MacCallum

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