Smashwords Summer sale will feature my previous novels for FREE!!

If interested, please see the links below! If nothing else, you get a free book for that summer vacation or bored commute home (if you're not driving, of course ;) )

Smashwords - Zombie-Killer Bill

Legals, Illegals & Slaves. These are the types of zombies that roam the wild west. It's up to Zombie-Killer Bill to keep the peace, but when a zombie massacre occurs at the Hansen Ranch, he realizes he's about to step toe to toe with his own bitter and illegal past.

Want to try something else?

Trapped in an insidious world adjoining our own, Nora must conquer her own demons to fight a real one. Sworn to protect his realm, the demon, Damien subjects Nora and her friends to a Challenge; a series of nightmarish realities meant to break them. Damien personally sees to revealing Nora's painful past and turn everyone against her.

The Demon's Grave Trilogy are all on sale!

FREE The Demon's Grave: Book 1

50% OFF Midnight Ruling: Book 2

50% OFF The Haunting: Book 3

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