COVER REVEAL - Midnight Ruling (The Demon's Grave #2)


Round Two!

I'm excited for this next cover. The artistic genius at Amygdala Designs had to adjust a few things for me but in the end, she did fantastic!

Are you ready?

Drum roll please...








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Midnight Ruling v4.jpg

Title: Midnight Ruling

Series: The Demon's Grave Book #2

Author: E.M. MacCallum

Release Date: July 2015 (end)



From "Midnight Ruling: The Demon's Grave Book Two"

The Asylum

Squirming, my face red and legs kicking for purchase, I shouted to be set down.

Aidan didn't listen until the door closed to Nell's room.

It was impossible to crush her scrawny throat now. My palms burned for her windpipe, but Aidan was right. It wouldn't suit my situation to act crazy in a mental hospital.

Behind us, I heard the screaming man and turned to see two guards struggling to shove him into his room only a few doors down from Nell's.

A heightened excitement rippled through the corridor. Some began to jabber incoherently. One man turned and tried to pee on the man next to him, and if it weren't for a ready attendant, he would have. The white-clad men and women were becoming outnumbered by the mob.

"I think we need to get out of here," Aidan said. He set me down but didn't release my forearm.

The screaming man burst from his room as we approached the familiar exit. His wild, dark eyes fixed themselves on Aidan and me. He hollered in a voice so high-pitched that I had to confirm that there were indeed whiskers on his cheeks.

"Get everything—" His eyes pleaded with us. A pair of orderlies shoved him back into his room before he could finish the sentence. The door clicked shut behind him and his two combatants.

The Erebus speaks, Nell had said. Was that Damien somehow puncturing our world?

Aidan and I stared at the closed doorway with the other on-lookers and hesitated, mulling over what just happened.

"Come on, before Security gets here," Aidan said in a hushed voice.

I didn't need to be told twice. I followed Aidan to our first locked door, where a security guard in white garb escorted us the rest of the way out of the hospital. He gave us plenty of stern glances meant to intimidate us, and I found myself glaring back. My adrenaline spiked, and my anger focused instead on that woman…oh, that evil woman.

Gritting my teeth, I stared straight ahead and focused on steadying my breathing.

Stepping out into the parking lot, I growled, "This was a waste of time. I don't know what I expected…"

The doors behind us closed, and the high-and-mighty security guy stared at us, arms crossed in a gruff manner. Frustration gripped my chest as I walked through the parking lot towards Aidan's car. Aidan didn't miss a beat, keeping time with me.

Throwing up my arms, I began a rant. "I don't want to go back there, but she didn't give me anything. Another week just seems…”

In a calculated tone, Aidan said, "We got it."

Staggering in my long strides, I glanced at him, feeling the heated adrenaline flicker for a moment. "We what?"

Thank you for reading!


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