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Businessmen with Umbrellas

I'll start at the beginning of my change: My publisher dropped my trilogy.

Back in early 2014 I'd queried several publishers. I received three out of five acceptances. I knew each publisher quite well (research, not personally), and decided on a reputable one that I was all too excited to join. The welcome was warm, energetic and encouraging. I was very excited!

Then, 14 months went by...

Unfortunately, through a series of events, my book was "let go" along with many other author's. It was a sad week for me. Not only did I have to wait nearly two weeks for the rejection letter I had to find a way to tell the people who'd been so supportive. I mourned the lose of this opportunity like I'd lost a friend. I knew, before the letter that I'd be chosen because of their new criteria and direction.

This hit me hard. It was like I'd failed somehow. I'd avoided self-publishing because I was unfamiliar with the process. I'd put my heart and soul into everything that was expected of me in the publishing industry. I'd read articles, researched companies, individuals, agents etc. This wasn't something I'd taken up on a whim, though. This was a four year process.

After the dreaded letter, I felt shunned from the 'cool kids' table. Then I had to make a decision, for myself. I've never been a cool kid and will likely never would be. I don't seek validation from others, though I've sought it from my writing. I don't say this with pride or indignation. I say this as a fact and an observation.

So, this means moving forward. A NEW AVENUE.

Where one door closes, there's

Sketchy City

I've decided not to continue querying the trilogy. I'd spent two years on agents, three months on indie publishers & 14 months on one that dropped my books. So I decided to do the one thing that made me nervous. The one thing that I made me avoid certain books ten years ago:

I'm self-publishing.

Within hours of my rejection I found a talented editor to continue the work on the last two books. I will make it known that without said publisher-who'd-dropped-me, I'd never have known this person.

Within a week I found a cover artist who quoted me the right price and possessed the right talent to pull it off!

I've formatted the print & ebook versions on my own (wow, was this ever a lesson in patience). My budget is stretched like kid's pantyhose on an Amazonian woman but I have faith in this project.

It's a sharp learning curve, but I'm learning. I've gained a few author friends over the years and I find, in most of them, they're genuinely awesome people who're always willing to help.

The future is wide open and I'll be damned if a rejection letter will hold me back.

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