Ghost Girls

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Eva Anderson wasn't a nice girl. So, she shouldn't have died.



If death wasn't a harsh enough reality, Eva finds that her soul is up for sale. 


The rhyming, horned, demon called Darmoth wants to add her to his collection of pretty ghost girls. Not all of which want to remain in his collection.


With her new, shiny soul, Eva may be the only one to free them, if she can find a way to free herself.




This one will find the light is too bright,


Pretty and sour, the ghost girl will cower


Following my charms into the night.

Wishing on a Witch
Urban Fantasy Trilogy

The coven has been accused of kidnapping, harassment & murder. Now, they have their eyes on Micky Thompson.


Visiting the circus, Micky and her friends jokingly have "wishes" granted by a gypsy. But when their wishes come true in twisted, life-threatening ways, Micky is given two choices: join the coven, or her friends will die--slowly.


Micky chooses to fight back, but at a cost.


Updates Soon

Micky twisted the ring on her finger. “Then I want to know about this ring. Why do the Dark Ones want it?


The fortune-teller blinked, her irises darkening on their own. “You won't like the answer.”

Seventh Daughter
Paranormal / Dystopian
October 2015 first draft

She was supposed to die at birth. Then it was predicted she wouldn't last five years. Now, at nineteen, Raina is sickly but still alive.


The world has changed though. After a supernatural war sent the entire human race back into the dark ages, they were forced to rebuild, alone. The supernatural enemy was defeated, but the superstitions live on. Being a sickly daughter of seven daughters, Raina is a prime target.


Amidst a political upheaval, she's asked to marry one of the richest men in the county. The goal, is safety. What awaits her in the mansion on the hill is much more than she could have anticipated, and he'll ensure there's no escape.



Updates Soon

Vlaslov girls were beautiful—except Raina, of course. She’d accepted it years ago, but it still stung when someone would look at her differently. The way the farmhand was doing now.

The Serial Killer's Daughter
Historical / Thriller
First Draft in progress 2017

For a spinster in the late 1800's, a schoolmarm seems the best fit for a new identity and a new life.


With hope in her heart, "Nella Riley" sought peace in the small community alongside her best friend. But when a member of a notoriously violent family and a reporter find them interesting, Nella realizes her past could catch up to her.


Murder isn't a mystery. And it may be the only way to keep her past safe. Like father, like daughter.


Updates Soon!

I had to keep my eyes open,

I had to watch,

or he’d get mad.

© E.M. MacCallum

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